It is easy to fall into the restlessness of New York City and forget to take time out of your day to relax and chill.  Constantly being in a fast-paced environment, like NYC, means that finding downtime can be difficult.  But, it is extremely important for your mental and physical health that you find time to relax, center yourself, and take a break from the city’s fast-moving atmosphere.  Yoga is a great way to burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and, most importantly, relieve stress.  There are countless yoga studios to choose from in NYC.  However, it is important to find the best studio for your personal relaxation and meditation needs.  Just for you, here is a list of 10 amazing yoga studios in New York City.

Om Factory

At OM Factory, there is a yoga class for everyone.  From the Vinyasa Foundation Level class to Aerial Circus Playground, their wide array of classes constantly gives people new ways of challenging themselves.  Newcomers can take beginner classes without feeling intimidated by advanced yogi’s, while advanced yogi’s may take higher level classes to not feel held back by beginners.  OM Factory is the perfect studio to begin and grow your yoga career.

IG: @omfactorynyc

Y7 Studio

As soon as you hear the blasting hip-hop music and see the candlelit lighting in Y7 Studio, your mood is shifted.  This studio creates a stress-free, lively, and high-powered ambiance.  The lack of mirrors in the studio allows you to focus on yourself and the studio’s overall vibe rather than your appearance.   At Y7 Studio, “the darkness, the sounds, and the heat will take you to a place you’ve never been.”

IG: @y7studio

Pure Yoga

The spacious nature of their studios makes Pure Yoga feel like a true escape from the constant commotion of NYC.  Pure Yoga focuses on meditation, alignment, and wisdom.  Their goal is to help you break away from your daily busy routine and find your body and mind at ease. Pure Yoga uses mind, body, and spirit to reach everyone’s individual wellness and relaxation goals.

IG: @pureyoganyc

Sonic Yoga

The diversity of people, both instructors and students, at Sonic Yoga creates a welcoming and open community.  The strong sense of community within the studio supports the individual and unique personalities of everyone.  Sonic Yoga offers 9 different classes, from beginner to advanced levels, weekly.  It is about the “dance between mind, body, and spirit” which makes Sonic Yoga a relaxing and care-free environment for its students.

IG: @sonicyoga


This Vinyasa- centered studio is considered one of the most beautiful studios in NYC.  With its wooden details and geometric patterned windows, just looking around the studio is enough to ease your mind.  YogaMaya tries to make their sessions as personalized as possible by offering classes such as Yoga for Athletes and 60YR+ yoga.  YogaMaya truly feels like an escape from the hectic city life.

IG: yogamayanewyork

Stanton Street Yoga

With its cozy nature, and spiritual focus, Stanton Street Yoga is the best place to find a constant flow of positive energy.  This studio’s classes have a strong emphasis on spirituality, relaxation and meditation.  If you are looking to clear your mind, and truly feel like you are on an oasis in the middle of NYC, you must try a class at Stanton Street Yoga.

IG: @stantonstreetyoga

Yoga Vida

At Yoga Vida, everybody is open-minded and welcoming.  Its large studios feel spacious yet inviting.  You can relax as you do not feel like you are too close to your neighbor.  Yoga Vida’s candlelit classes are especially relaxing, mind easing, and restorative.

IG: @yogavida

Sky Ting Yoga

Sky Ting Yoga’s bright and spacious studio sparks relaxation instantly.  Their Instagram-able studios do not only bring great vibes and views, but they are a great place for yogis to learn and grow.  Instructors are helpful, patient, and understanding which is extremely welcoming and encouraging for students.  After a long day at work, Sky Ting Yoga is the perfect place to wind down.

IG: @skytingyoga


At Yogaworks, yoga works for everybody.  Regardless of your fitness level, there is a class for you that will put your mind at ease and make you feel balanced.  Their big selection of classes allows people to constantly learn and grow as a yogi.  At Yogaworks, you will gain incredible experience and peace of mind.

IG: @yogaworks

Modo Yoga NYC

Known for their hot yoga, Modo Yoga NYC provides therapeutic and relaxing classes for their students.  Relax your muscles and your body in the heat of their studios.  The clean and simple studios are a perfect place to focus on peace of mind and wellness.  Leave this studio feeling rejuvenated, toned, and laid-back.

IG: @modoyoganyc


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