About Lyfe



An integrative approach to holistic well-being for individuals + businesses.


Founded in 2018, Lyfe is a NYC-based purveyor of holistic wellness services for individual clients on a quest for a healthy lifestyle and corporations seeking to enhance the lives of their employees. With a focus on the interconnectedness between the physical, spiritual and emotional, Lyfe uses time-tested healing modalities to ease its clients out of toxic thought patterns and stress-inducing habits and into a place of mindfulness, health and homeostasis.


Balanced. Never boring.

Lyfe is committed to weaving ancient practices with modern applications to create customized wellness care. By implementing long-term goals and actionable steps to achieve feelings of balance and well-being, Lyfe can measure its clients’ success, celebrate milestones and implement new modes of healing as needed. We’ll empower you to take control of your health, reveal ways by which to heal yourself and implement daily practices to revamp your approach to wellness—and we’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring you feel supported and seen. Less stress, more results. That’s the balance of Lyfe.

Experience Lyfe.

We understand that health affects all aspects of our life. We also know the power in taking control of your health. Whether you’re ready to begin your wellness journey on your own or you’re a company who wants to empower their employees, Lyfe is ready to join you on this path to reclaiming your best self: the self who feels confident, energetic, balanced…and full of Lyfe.

Allow us to breathe Lyfe into your day. We can’t wait to watch you grow!