A crystal’s tangible and physical forms have been used to connect humans to Earth through their powerful vibrations.  These vibrations work to remind you of your connection to Earth. Everybody has a crystal that is best for them during any given moment. It is recommended that you do not choose the crystal, but that you let the crystal choose you.  You should not overthink “when picking your crystals because your intuition always knows the right choice.” See which crystals you naturally gravitate towards. Each crystal is special in their own way as they all emit different power and energy.  Each week, I will write about the importance and meaning of several crystals. This post is meant to provide an overview of the meanings for the Abalone Shell, Garnet, and Jade crystals.

Abalone Shell

The Abalone Shell is beautiful physically and spiritually. Its rainbow coloring which glimmers in the light is exciting yet comforting. Tranquility is directly connected with the Abalone Shell.  This crystal is associated with water as they are the shells of sea snails. Through this crystals soothing energy and association with water, “it is the water that will tame the flames of one’s emotional strife.”  The Abalone Shell is there to sooth you when tensions are high. It helps you maintain an emotional balance and allows you to understand situations through several different perspectives. Abalone is about getting a holistic perspective on life to successfully find balance and protection from negativity.  Use this shell to lift your spirits during an emotionally draining situation and find yourself feeling stronger than ever before.



Similar to the Abalone Shell, the Garnet’s main goal is to give you strength in areas you may lack and create empowerment. Garnet strengthens the body both physically and emotionally.  These stones are known to bring luck in all aspects of one’s life. They may help you find luck in love, success or even specific life goals you may have. This stone instills confidence and self-worth.  Physically, Garnet has been credited with speeding up metabolisms and improving blood circulation. The improvement of circulation directly leaves a positive impact on one’s heart rhythm. Garnet is holistically healing and strengthening to anyone who surrounds themselves with its beauty.


Known for its calming properties, Jade has been known to relax peoples nerves, alleviate stress/ shock, and create balance in one’s life.  The stone works to protect people from the negative and allow for inner peace. It is also believed to have curative properties which can help strengthen one’s inner bodily systems. There are many different colors/ shades of Jade which all possess different properties along with the same overarching ones. For example, the lavender Jade is known for alleviating emotional pain while the orange Jade, “reaches the interconnectedness of all beings.”  The most popular color is the Green Jade, which can help people see and understand their dreams more vividly, along with many other noteworthy properties. The Jade is an extremely important and powerful stone with positive and healing effects in the lives of many people.