Crystals can truly have a magical and impactful effect on people’s lives. Many people surround themselves with crystals on a daily basis depending on what energy they need in their lives in any given moment.  It is unbelievable to see what these crystals can do and how they can positively affect the world we live in. This week, I will discuss the amazing powers of Aquamarine, Citrine, and Ruby.


As suggested by the name itself, Aquamarine “evokes the purity of crystalline waters, and the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea.”  This stone has a close relationship with the water of the sea, and it’s color resembles these beautiful waters. This crystal is notable for its calming qualities which help individuals find a peace of mind.  Letting go of the past and moving forward with a sense of fearlessness and protection are true values of this stone. People often carry it when they travel to feel a sense of security. This gems beautiful pale blue color works to develop patience and seek forgiveness between one another.  Learn to let go and focus on all things cheerful with the help of the truly harmonizing Aquamarine.


Citrine is influential in the mending of relationships, between one another.  It is often used to bring families together, improving interactions with peers, and smoothing over group problems.  There is a sense of cohesiveness that surrounds Citrine stones. People who surround themselves with this gem are likely to be more tolerant of others and as it is an “effective shield against spite and jealousy.”  Not only does Citrine help improve relationships, it helps improve oneself. Citrine aids self empowerment and self-confidence. It helps clearly define boundaries and understand fully what is best for you and those around you.  Surround yourself with Citrine and get to know yourself and your limits better than ever before.


Known for their various shades of beautiful red, Rubies are extremely strong stones. These stones are not only strong physically, but they are strong spiritually. They are often worn to help people overcome exhaustion and instil happiness. They radiate energy and work to amplify awareness and concentration.  This amplified concentration is also known to create passion and drive. This July birthstone is thought to save both mental and physical health through the power of inner strength. Ruby wearers are often self-motivated, positive, and outgoing. The Ruby provides an overall sense of strength and awareness to individuals who surround themselves with it.