Corporate Well-being Services


Let Lyfe Inspire, Uplift and Engage Your Employees
Multitasking. Networking. Juggling. In the day-to-day life of your employees, stress and anxiety can exact their toll, leading to feelings of exhaustion, imbalance or illness—and that may lead to lower productivity and absenteeism. Lyfe works with your company to craft a customized plan to uplift and empower your employees to make their health a priority. Together, we’ll detail the benefits of well-being, map out concrete, actionable steps they can implement daily and work with them to address stress management, anxiety reduction and overall health through exercise, breath work, gut health and food choices.


Corporate Wellness. Boutique Services.
Lyfe’s boutique services are created with your corporate culture in mind. By partnering with you, our customized well-being programs respect your company culture while supporting the employees who make your business a success. Seamless, structured programs that speak to employees’ needs and aspirations are our specialty. We want to meet them where they are—and help propel them onward and upward. That means a better quality of life for your employees, and a more healthy, profitable company culture for you.

Guided Meditation
For thousands of years, meditation has been at the heart of wellness practices. Its benefits are myriad: From reducing stress and anxiety to lowering blood pressure and enhancing the ability to focus, meditation can be a key component in your employee’s well-being.

• Available in the morning to help set the tone for the day ahead
• Available in the afternoon to help release stress and come back to center
• Trypnaural meditation available to improve focus, creativity, concentration and help stoke inspiration

Breath Work
Breath work is integral to health and well-being. In our day-to-day lives, we often forget to breathe deeply into our diaphragm, but this simple yet profound act can reduce stress and anxiety, help ebb anger and frustration and enhance an employee’s focus.

• Practice different breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety
• Learn how breathing can help reduce toxins in the body
• Utilize breath work to calm nerves and instill feelings of capability and confidence
• Examine how breath work can help manage emotions when faced with challenges at work or at home

Nutrition & Nourishment
Food fuels the body and the brain, and can greatly enhance a sense of well-being. In our eat-on-the-run society, however, we often end of reaching for food that hinders our best performance. Learning to view food as nourishment, understanding the connection between gut health and brain power and receiving actionable steps to eat healthier can improve employee’s energy, focus and overall performance.

• Twice weekly plant-based food delivery
• Explore benefits of Ayurvedic or vegan cooking
• Learn how gut health affects brain performance
• Employees leave with easy, integratabtle food options and nutrition solutions