Meet The Founder

Sarah Hjorthol, New York City

20 April 2016

When her deep understanding of successful social media marketing began to merge with her passion for helping others unlock their wellness potential, Lyfe founder Sarah Hjorthol knew it was time to create a company that does both. Get to know Sarah as she reflects on the paths that led her to this moment, shares her goals for Lyfe’s future, and empowers you to take control of your health—in mind, body, spirit and business.

Growing Up Globally

I lived in Greece until I was five, then moved to Norway with my family. I spent summers in Greece, on an island called Skiathos, surrounded by azure water, white sand beaches and lush greenery. The rest of the year, I lived in Sykkylven, Norway, a small town nestled in stunning mountains. My mom was a travel agent, and I was fortunate to travel a lot as a child, which influenced my curiosity in other cultures and new places. My grandfather worked with refugees, so we often had families from different parts of the world at our house. Despite growing up in such idyllic natural beauty, I have always been drawn to New York—something I attribute to my exposure to so many cultures at such an early age. I’m very grateful to live here now, to be living out my dream.

A Passion for Socializing

After undergrad, where I majored in journalism, I landed my first job in social media. There, I fell in love with this incredible tool that, when used for positive outcomes, can be life altering. I love that it’s not static, because I am always hungry to learn new things. I thrive on the constant changes that social media provides; this is where my creativity blossoms. Since 2012, I’ve been immersed in social media marketing, and I’m thrilled to now bring my expertise and vision to fruition with Lyfe!

A Journey to Wellness

Even as a child, I was excited about wellness. As my first project in middle school, I made my own lip balm and bath soap! I’m a self-proclaimed product junkie, and I’ve always been up for trying the latest healthy advancements in food or skincare. But I took a serious leap in the world of wellness in 2008, when I suffered from severe depression. My doctor’s first reaction was to medicate me, and though I understand that many people need medication in order to live with depression, that course of action did not resonate with me. I discovered an energy healer in my town and she changed my life. She helped me realize that the power to heal resides within me—something I now impart to my own wellness clients. I dove headfirst into the world of healing through alternative modalities—breath work, energy work, nutrition and movement—and eventually, came out of my depression. Here in New York, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with other passionate healers and entrepreneurs in the wellness industry and this network has filled a gap that was otherwise missing in my life, personally and professionally.

Bridging the Gap

Making the leap from social media to wellness seemed obvious to me—it’s why I founded Lyfe! I’m fascinated by the intersection; I find them to be perfect complements to each other. Social media is such a strong visual tool, and the wellness industry is ripe with beautiful things to photograph: vibrantly colored foods, beautiful personal care products, nature, crystals, props and inspiring objects. I love the creativity that the two embody—stepping out of the box to heal others, or to market a client to their full potential. If social media is used for good, and wellness is used to actually heal others…the magnitude is astounding.


Client Care

My favorite part about working with my clients is seeing results—and watching them see the results. Whether we’re growing your social media following organically and creating a brand that’s top-of-mind to consumers or watching someone have a “Holy Sh!t! This is actually working!” moment when they see improvements in their health, there is nothing so satisfying as experiencing joy right alongside clients when they’re moving in the right direction. Success to me is when they see the shift.


Future So Bright

As Lyfe continues to grow, we’ll be creating additional marketing exposure for clients on the Lyfe Wellness Collective, a searchable hub of vetted members in the wellness sector. This will allow wellness seekers to discover vetted members of, and practitioners in, the Lyfe community, and will introduce brands with co-collaborators in respective industries. It’s one more way for clients to help raise their brand’s profile while providing a needed service to those who are looking to connect with wellness practitioners.


We’re looking forward to a healthier, happier and more successful Lyfe ahead!

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