Social Media Services



Let’s Get Started.

Lyfe’s full-scope social media services begin with a macro-lens approach. You already know what you bring to the table; it’s our job to ensure your wellness business—and its unique attributes—is elevated above the competition. We’ll conduct a deep-dive exploration of your current social media accounts and practices, and together, take a critical look at previous posting behavior and audience interaction. From there, we’ll start with mapping out a 3 month plan to help elevate your brand’s exposure and recognition, beginning with content and ending with a cohesive formula for posting success.

Gaining Lyfe Experience.

At Lyfe, we speak social media. We know what to post and when, and we have the creative eye to keep your audience engaged. In fact, creativity drives everything we do: stunning visuals, cohesive messaging and out-of-the-box campaigns merged with proven best marketing practices.

Ads. Posts. Branding. Analytics. Strategy. Content Creation. Let us bring your business to Lyfe!

Creative Consult Package


If your wellness brand is ready to launch but you’re not ready to post about it, the LYFE Creative Consult Package was created for you. We understand that creating a social media strategy can be overwhelming when you’re juggling all the responsibilities of business ownership. We’ll create a customized branding consultation, ensuring your website, visual aesthetics, marketing platforms and social media plan are on-brand and completely cohesive.

Creative Consult Package: 2-3 week turnaround

Building Your Audience Package


Whether you’re launching a new business or hitting “refresh” on your branding, the LYFE Building Your Audience Package is laser-focused on building audience engagement—resulting in top-of-mind brand recognition and authentic interaction. Because we know that meaningful results take time, we’ll work with you to map out a 3 month plan to target your audience—honing in on who they are and what they respond to best. Using eye-catching visuals and content that’s on-message, we’ll measure success bi-weekly as we go—so you’ll always know where you stand with your audience (and what changes we can make to help you get to the next level).  And, since your wellness brand is one-of-a-kind, our Building Your Audience Package will always be tailored to a perfect fit.

Building Your Audience Package:

1-2 platforms: Minimum of 10 hours a week / 3 months commitment

3-4 platforms: Minimum of 15 hours a week / 3 month commitment


Content Creator Package


As your business evolves, your content needs to evolve with it. Keeping your website fresh and relevant will not only help you engage current customers, but will ensure your SEO makes it easy for new customers to seek you out. The LYFE Content Creator Package can be customized to create regular blog posts to live on your site—positioning you as a wellness expert, keeping your brand top-of-mind and providing you with content to share online, in email campaigns and across your social media channels.


Content Creator Packages: Customizable packages available