The Class by Taryn Toomey is unlike any fitness class I have previously been to.  It is described as, “a 65 minute cathartic mind-body experience,” and I believe this description is exactly accurate.  This class will push your body mentally, and physically through it’s repetitive conditioning and body-strengthening techniques.

My mistake was thinking this class would be similar to a yoga class. It is nothing like yoga. The Class is an extremely difficult work out and you will find yourself in a full sweat within the first few minutes.  The curated music is motivating yet each exercise is done for the entirety of a song, which can feel neverending. After all, doing burpees and jumping jacks, each for the duration of a whole song, is not easy. As an avid fitness class attendee, I found myself needing to slow down a few times throughout the class.  However, hard work pays off. I definitely feel that if I attended The Class consistently I would see physical improvements. The movements are geared toward giving you the lean and muscular body that many strive for.

Although this class is difficult, do not be afraid to give it a chance. Even if you are a rookie to fitness classes, The Class can be a good experience for you. This studio is a completely judgement free-zone.  You are encouraged to breathe loudly, create noise, and even scream throughout the class when you feel that it is necessary. Within the first five minutes of class, everyone was breathing in unison. When they would breathe out, they would grunt.  These grunts got progressively louder as the breathing went on. Making noise is meant to symbolize the release of any stresses or negative energy in your life. Throughout The Class, the instructor kept referring to locating and unleashing the source of your stress. It is important to let go.

At the end of the class, some of the women broke down crying.  They had given their all into the 65 minute class and felt what Taryn Toomey wants for her students, which is an emotion release.  This class is not solely about strengthening your body, but also about strengthening your mind to feel empowered. It is important to not let negativity get the best of you.  Living in NYC means constantly moving at a fast-pace. The Class by Taryn Toomey reminds you how important it is to take time out of the hustle and bustle to focus on yourself.


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