Ayurveda means the knowledge of life.  It is understanding that our body has the power to heal itself if we give it the chance to do so.  Humans must find a way to live in harmony with their mind, body, and surrounding environment. We must find the elements in our lives that allow us to create contentment, and live a harmonious life.  Ayurveda attempts to create balance within our bodies. According to Dr. Nibodhi Haas, there are five universal principles that are the key to healing and balance. Following these five principles will help your body naturally heal itself and find inner peace.  


We must give ourselves enough space to allow our bodies to heal.  A lot of times, especially living in such a fast-paced environment like NYC, we are constantly moving.  We are in go-go-go mode and we forget to find time to just relax and give our bodies a break. Sometimes our bodies need space from the stresses and tasks of our everyday lives.  It is important to ensure that our bodies get the amount of space that they need and deserve.

Clean Air

There is nothing like taking a breath of fresh air after a long and stressful day at work or school.  It is extremely important to make sure that we are breathing clean air each and every day. Living in a huge city, like NYC, clean air is hard to come by.  Our air is extremely polluted and full of toxins that we should try our best to avoid. The simplest thing we could do to provide ourselves with clean air is purchase an inexpensive air purifier for our homes.  There are plenty of options when it comes to air purifiers, so make sure you find the best one for your home that will most effectively purify your air. You might also consider growing plants in your home to help oxygenate the air around you.  Plants work to naturally purify the air. Your lungs must breathe clean air for maximum healing potential and wellness.

Proper Hydration

If we are not properly hydrated, the energy within our bodies does not move properly.  Therefore, clean water is crucial for our bodies natural healing process. Just like our air, we must purify our water before drinking it.  There are a wide variety of inexpensive water purifiers available, so there is no excuse to drink unpurified water! Your body will appreciate the clean water in its system.

Clean Food

The most commonly thought about principle is food.  In NYC, and in many places across the globe, it has become trendy to eat healthy and be cautious of what you are putting into your mouth.  It is definitely important to be conscious of what you are eating and ensure that you are eating clean foods. It has been scientifically proven that pesticides, which are in all processed foods, are toxic to our bodies.  Who wants to feed their bodies with toxins? I definitely do not. Ideally, you should only be eating organic foods. Shop at organic food stores, fresh food markets, and read the labels on the foods you buy. An alternative to buying organic foods, since they are often pricey, is growing your own garden.  You can easily grow fresh fruits and vegetables in your backyard, or even in plant holders in your city apartment. Gardening can actually be refreshing and it will provide you with the clean food your body needs and deserves.


There is nothing like the great outdoors.  The fifth universal principle is Earth. As humans, we must spend time outdoors and interacting with nature.  We often forget to appreciate how beautiful our Earth truly is. However, it is important that we interact with the elements that make our Earth so beautiful on a daily basis.  You may expose yourself to these elements by going to the beach, walking through trails, gardening, or even just laying our in your backyard. Even in the winter, it is possible to spend time outside.  Just bundle up and go for a walk, shovel some snow, or dare to do a polar plunge. There are countless ways to stay involved with nature and take advantage of the great outdoors. Nature is extremely powerful and it has the power to affect your body in the most positive ways.

Being in touch with these five universal elements helps us live a harmonious life.  The elements work to create contentment within our lives and find happiness in our lives circumstance.  In addition to inner peace and fulfillment, staying in tune with these elements could physically help eliminate disease, sickness, stress, and anxiety.  We often do not take proper care of ourselves which, in turn, can lead to these negative effects on our body. You must use the principles of Ayurveda to help get in touch with our inner souls and understand your feelings.  Your body is amazing, and it can naturally heal itself from any negativity in your life if you just give it the chance.



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